Designing Embedded Internet Devices

Designing Embedded Internet Devices: A Practical Guide to Hardware and Software Design using the TINI Microcontroller

by Dan Eisenreich & Brian Demuth
600 pages
CD-ROM included
Publisher: Elsevier Science
ISBN: 1-878707-98-1

Embedded Internet and Internet appliances are the focus of great attention in the computing industry, as they are seen as the future of computing. The design of such devices presents many technical challenges. This book is the first guide available that describes how to design Internet access and communications capabilities into embedded systems. It takes an integrated hardware/software approach using the Java programming language and industry-standard microcontrollers. Numerous illustrations and code examples enliven the text. All of the circuits and code have been fully tested. Based on the 8051 microprocessor, TINI is an internet-ready, embeddable, Java Virtual Machine with a powerful collection of hardware interfaces (I2C, CAN, 1-wire, RS-232, parallel, Ethernet).

Programming The Zilog ZNEO Microcontroller By Example

Programming The Zilog ZNEO Microcontroller By Example

by Dan Eisenreich
Publisher: To Be Determined
ISBN: To Be Determined
Publication Date: Spring 2013


The Programming The Zilog ZNEO Microcontroller By Example series will provide readers with a thorough understanding of how to design and program embedded control systems using the Zilog ZNEO microcontroller. This book series will present, in detail, all of the architectural features of the ZNEO and provide the reader with a detailed explanation of how to develop programs that use the full capability of the microcontrollers. This is not intended to be a replacement for the Zilog product specification, but will serve as a companion to the Zilog documentation, providing the reader with many example programs. In fact, the most significant aspect of the book series will be the numerous, detailed, documented and explained C programs that demonstrate how to configure and use each and every feature of the ZNEO microcontroller.