CSCI 188 Links

Updated: 09/09/2011 

Developer Recoures

Handset Manufactuer Developer Pages

US Carrier Developer Pages

J2ME Pages

Mobile Game Developer Resources

Moble Application Developer Resources



Tile Map Editors

General and Multiple Platform Programming Tutorials

  1. Don't Panic Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy (A quick intro to Android, Bada, Blackberry, iOS, Flash, J2ME, Meego, Qt, Symbian, WebOS, Windows Phone, Mobile Widgets, cross platform tools, mobile websites) 
  2. Mobiletuts+ is all about quality tutorials for mobile developers – all mobile developers.
  3. Marakana TechTV on YouTube 

Windows Programming Tutorials 

  1. Programming Windows Phone 7 
  2. Introduction to Windows Mobile 7 Development 
  3. Windows Phone 7 Game Development: Creating Tic-Tac-Toe with XNA 
  4. Marakana TechTV. Windows phone 7 development tuturial, walk you through building a Windows Phone 7 Plancast application that will leverage the Plancast public API. 
    Part 1 of 4Part 2 of 4, Part 3 and 4 not on youtube
  5. Developing a Windows Phone 7 Application in 25 Minutes
  6. Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners.

Android Programming Tutorials 

BlackBerry Programming Tutorials 

Symbian Programming Tutorials 

Meego Programming Tutorials 

iPhone Programming Tutorials