Updated 09/09/2012
Updates 09/23/2012

Investigate a handheld programming topic of your choice (topic ideas below). Prepaer and present an in-class dpresentation/tutorial.   Pick some Mobility topic for your presentation, such as an emerging mobile technology. Choose from the list of topic ideas or suggest your own.

  1. Start Thinking of a topic - Class 01
  2. Provide a topic desciption (abstract) AND a rough OUTLINE of your presentation - Due class 04
  3. Get it approved (email)
  4. Presentation must include list of referenced sources
  5. Give a 30 minute presentation to the class - Class 09-12

Topic Ideas

  1. Discussion and review of emerging mobile technology (new sensors, new application)
  2. Medical Applications for Mobile Devices
  3. The impact of mobile devices on society
  4. The impact of mobile devices (and applications) on developing countries.
  5. Review significant legal decisions impacting mobile technology
  6. Impact of pervasive mobile computing
  7. Review/discussion of possible future mobile applications
  8. Bada app development tutorial   
  9. Android native development
  10. NFC or other emerging smartphone technology
  11. Windows Touchbuilder (write code for your win phone ON the phone)
  12. Cross Platform Development tools (for iPhone and Android)
  13. Mobile Privacy Concerns
  14. Mobile Data Forensics
  15. Mobile Crime
  16. Suggest your own