2010 Projects for Software Design for Handheld Devices

2010 Projects

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Bible Reader

The Bible Reader application written in java platform (J2ME) is a small application that lets you read the entire content of King James Version of Bible on your mobile.

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A J2ME app for reading books in the epub format. The goal of the app was to design a light weight J2ME book reader starting that will at least support the ePub format and will be extensible enough to display any other handheld book format without much change to the format and working of the app.

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Dart Scoring App

The Dart Scoring App is a J2ME MIDlet that allows the user to score and play the classic dart game Cricket. The app allows you to digitally play a two player game by taking turns “throwing” the darts or score along with a game being played in real life.

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My system would filter the tIets and categorized them in order to visualize them in a useful manner. The choice of using twitter over any other social media is based on twitter characteristics: user posts just a text, and twitter offers various APIs and libraries for developer. I can traverse through any twitter user’s accounts using authentication techniques provided by twitter itself.

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Blockade! is a hex-tile based game for the Android 1.5 platform. The user is tasked with navigating a small ship to di erent ports to earn points while avoiding enemy ships. The graphics are 2D, and sprite based. You navigate a small vessel to various ports to increase your score while avoiding the evil Red Ships. Game ends when you run out of health (the Red Ships will shoot you!)

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Tetris Express

Tetris: A decades-old classic, you must clear the lines with falling blocks before they reach the top. See how many you can clear!

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New DVD release MIDlet

A MIDlet that queries a web site to find new releases on DVD. A list of the new releases are presented to the user. The user can then select any of the new releases to view information about the release. The information presented includes director, running time, and a movie rating. The user can configure whether director and running time information is displayed. Additionally, the user can choose to display either five movies or ten movies. The user’s choices are persistent across invocations of the MIDlet.

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ESPN fantasy football MIDlet

My project is an ESPN Fantasy Football application that allows the user to login to ESPN to manage his/her Fantasy Football teams. Functionality supported includes viewing own team, editing own team lineup, view other teams, viewing scoreboard, and viewing standings. A scoring monitor also runs with the application and plays an alert sound when the user's score has increased.

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Conversion Calculator App

For my final project I created a conversion calculator app in J2ME.

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Dr. Angry Sudoku

The name of my final project is "Dr. Angry Sudoku". It's a sudoku game and it's a smart-guys game. Because Dr. Sudoku really hates stupid ones.

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