CSCI 4237 Syllabus

Updated:  20120909

Software Design for Handheld Devices

This class will be a rigorous examination of the tools and techniques used for programming these mobile devices.  The student will develop programs for a number of different phones including iPhone and Android phone.


  • Dan Eisenreich,
  • Please include "CSCI4237" in the subject line to help me find it in case it gets caught in my spam filter (but no guarantees, if you don’t get the expected reply from me then email me again).

Office hours

  • The hour just before class in Tompkins 211 
  • After class as necessary

Class time/place

  • Mondays 6:10-8:40pm, Tompkins 211


  • Students must be proficient in the basics of C and Java programming (object oriented programming concepts, java control structures, classes, methods, inheritance, etc). 



Course Topics:

  • Device and Network architecture
  • Developing Objective C applications for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Developing Java applications for Android devices
  • Development Tools
  • Networking, Wireless Messaging
  • Performance Optimization and Tuning
  • Design for portability
  • Testing and Debugging


  • Labs - 40%
  • Class Participation - 10%
  • Final Project -  40%
  • Presentation  - 10%
  • This course has no midterm or final examination requirements
  • Review the class schedule for due dates.