WeatherClient Lab

Updated 09/09/2011

Develop a mobile weather client in Java for Android or Blackberry.

Detailed requirements:

  • Retrieve and parse weather data from any source. Some possibilities are listed below but if you have a better one you can use that:
  • Display a minimum of 3 days weather information (today and the next 2 days).
  • Display a minimum of 1 location (whatever the user enters in the configuration screen).
  • Use a settings/configuration screen (location, user configuration information such as the number of days to display, or the icon size/color set). Save the data in poersistent storage.
  • Search the weather text for keywords (sunny, rain, thunderstorms) and display an appropriate icon.

Optional features you might want to add:

  • Make the number of days of weather to dispay a configurable option.
  • Provide several icon sizes and let the user pick the size/style they like.
  • Allow the user to maintain a list of several locations for displaying the weather and provide an option for easily switching between them.
  • Use the current GPS (GPS simulator) location to get the local weather.
  • Provide a name look-up service so a user can enter something like "Baltimore MD" and you can map that to a location ID.
  • Provide an option to display satellite maps.

Weather Client



Example of J2ME weather clients

What to turn in

  • Follow the general lab guidelines.
  • Turn in a ZIP file of your entire project.
  • Tell me where you get your images if you uised any (files, sprites, etc).
  • If you had difficulty implementing some features, describe the problems you had and leave in your non-functional code (its better to show that you tried to implement the requirements than to not show any evidence that you tried).